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In the midst of Saigon, the city is full of worries, hustle and bustle for work, everyone wants to feel every moment of lightness and gentleness of nature. daily meals It is a factor that helps people eat well and relax after stressful working hours.

Golden Lotus is hidden in the land of 45 C Street, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, the road to the restaurant has something familiar as the old way to your home. Welcoming with kindness, speech, open, enthusiasm. The Golden Lotus always directs the meditation in the main way of arranging space and choosing the main color. The rugged, unmistakable furniture with dark brown tones of the walls and staff uniforms create a quiet, deep atmosphere. Select the corner of the table by the window you can reconcile with nature outside while sitting in the cold room.

  • Serve vegan dishes.
  • F & B services.
  • Get wedding, conference, birthday ...
    • New food every week, fancy, delicious
    • Friendly, enthusiastic staff.

The story
of vegan dishes

People find vegetarianism in part to change their taste, in order to purify the soul and to live in a spiritual perspective. Whatever the reason, Golden Lotus is also ready to help you discover the taste and value of each dish. The restaurant's menu design combines with the actual images of each dish to help you easily choose. You can start with salad, vegetable garden or kimchi dish ... Simulated by simple dishes. European vegetable garden salad with a harmonious combination of carrots, tomato balls, baby corn and chicken thighs. Main dishes can not be ignored rice dishes. Yellow rice cooked with crispy rice, crispy snacks served with noodles sauce sauce of vegetables, peppers, mushrooms, grains cutting grains attractive. Another dish is no less sophisticated in processing is the aromatic rice. This is one of the dishes bring nutrition value for diners. Fruit fragrant glaze the intestines, the fried rice, the oven blows into the fruit aroma so that the fragrant water absorbed into each grain of rice then decorated with cashew nuts, green grapes, yellow grapes to add flavor to the dish. In addition, the square of gold rushed everyone was attracted by the strange square of the spring. Nem is the palm of the hand, fresh mushrooms, cassava root, carrots, canola, mushrooms and mushrooms. Bring a hot and crispy nem melt into your mouth and then pamper your stomach as a culinary delight All dishes have color, pure taste, pure but not monotonous, strong and stimulating taste.

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