Đóa Sen Vàng Restaurant Take pride in pure vegetarian dishes. Only from the simple, fresh and safe ingredients, the Golden Lotus Chef has deftly created vegetarian dishes rich and attractive in color, no less attractive than royal cuisine.
With familiar tofu ingredients together with creativity and ingenuity, we can turn tofu into a variety of delicious dishes that are equally nutritious.
One of them is a vegetarian tofu dish - a dish with a pretty and evocative name. Not only that, this dish is a combination of many different ingredients to create a very personal taste. The best thing about this dish is that the pieces of tofu have been transformed into beautiful little "sack", which has created the attraction not only with your baby but also older members in the family. I also feel very excited.

The vegetarian hot pot dishes still delicious thanks to the vegetables and roots for water. Food is frugal but not bored by the full range of mushrooms. Attaching the hairstyle is a good, beautiful color that is good for health, especially good for those who intend to lose weight.
The careful choice on the source of safe food to the meticulous in each recipe, Golden Lotus is more delicate and different. . Because we always think only vegetables, roots, fresh fruit bring sweet sweet, bold, delicious food, just good quality food. Our differences do not stop there, but it is reflected in the mind of the chef in each new dish, ensuring the perfection of taste, presentation and nutrition.
In the era of delicious delicacies, Vegetarian Golden Lotus will show you the charm and advantages of it "eat full without stomach, strange mouth, frugal and more friendly direction"

Đậu hủ trùm rơm
Deep Fried Tofu With Young Grass


Gỏi đu đủ Thái
Salad papaya Thai

Appetizer Food

Đ óa Sen Vàng Restaurant There are some popular dishes: mushrooms baked with silver foil, straw tofu, rolled mushrooms, fried potatoes with potatoes, baked bread / garlic butter ....

Gỏi Thủy Tinh
Aloe vera salad


Nem Vuông
Square spring rolls with mushroom

Main Food

Đ óa Sen Vàng Restaurant There are some popular dishes: fried ribs, fried noodles with mushrooms, five sweet and sour stir-fried, fried bean sprouts, bean sprouts, sour soup, hot pot.

Udon xào
Sauteed Udon noodles


Su baby xào nấm
Chayote sauteed with mushroom


Nấm Chiên Sốt Me
Mushroom Fried with Tamarid Sauce


Hủ Tiếu Vuông Sốt Tương
Sautered Rice Noodle with black Sauce


Hủ tiếu vuông sốt tương
Noodle sauteed with black sauce


Nấm trộn bánh tráng
Mushroom roll with pancake


Cơm cháy xá xíu
Xa xiu fried rice


Lẩu nấm
Mushroom Hotpot


Su baby sốt dầu hào
Baby Kohlrabi oyster sauce


Cơm trái dừa
Fried Rice Coconut

Icecream - Drinking

Đ óa Sen Vàng Restaurant always come with many ice cream season 4 fresh, fresh water, beer, mineral water to serve customers.


Kem ca cao
Chocolate Ice Cream


Cafe sữa
Milk Coffee

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